Message from another gay skateboarder; quiet Monday night in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, the message from skateboarder Bryce that I posted this morning has generated a lot of response, including this one from a boy named Kolton:

“Hi, Martin. I’m 15 and live in Southern Cali, near San Diego. I feel sorry for the guy named Bryce who wrote you about getting rejected by his friend. I skate and I’m gay but it hasn’t been a problem for me. I told several friends, including one I skate with, and it hasn’t been a problem. I guess the difference is I live in a city not a small town in Utah. Anyway, tell Bryce to hang tough and he can skate with me any day. I like your blog, keep it up.”

Well, I think it was nice of Kolton to write. When I was fifteen (a hundred years ago), I never would have dreamed of telling anyone I was gay, not even my best friend. But times have clearly changed, and I’m glad boys like Kolton don’t have to feel ashamed of their sexuality.

It’s going to be quiet evening for me. I had a good workout at the YMCA but the pool was too crowded for me to swim, so I walked a mile on the treadmill and then came home. Have a nice Monday night, everyone.

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