Another sexy guy in sunglasses; productive afternoon for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I know you guys liked my “hot guys wearing sunglasses” photos I posted this morning, and I figured you like the one to the left here too. I mean, the guy has an amazing body and beautiful  skin. I could follow him around on the beach for hours. Do you think he’d let me rub sunscreen on his back and shoulders? Yummy …. 😉

As mentioned this morning, I wasn’t able to visit the YMCA today, and I couldn’t do anything too strenuous around the house either. But I made a list of things to accomplish, and now they are all done. I paid bills and finalized several insurance issues. I used the leaf blower on my patios and watered plants. I installed new air conditioner filters in my returns. Most importantly, I unpacked a substantial piece of furniture for my vacation rental next door–a new media cabinet that was mostly assembled, but still required hardware installation, which I was able to complete without too much trouble. The new piece looks great over there, since it hides all the wires connected with the cable service and TV, making everything appear much neater.

I’m baking a ziti casserole tonight, one of my favorite dishes I always enjoy cooking and eating, plus it provides me with all kinds of leftovers, always nice for single guys. Have a nice Wednesday evening, friends.

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