Another Dylan Dauzat pic; Martin’s home and ready for bed ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Yes, Dylan Dauzat’s a brainless douche bag, but he’s so cute. We’ll overlook his lack of talent or smarts. Hell, I’d spend a day on a boat with him any day. 😉

I had a splendid evening with my friend, Larry, and now I am back on the island. I’m a little tired, as I took a lovely three-mile walk on the beach this afternoon. The breeze coming off the Gulf felt great, and the sand was soft but firm. 🙂

I’m tired, after a long day taking care of business. I have a date tomorrow, and I am making dinner for us. We’ll visit the beach before we dine, and I’m excited. He seems like a nice guy, plus he has the prettiest blue eyes.

Have a nice night, friends.

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