A guy and his camera; quiet night on the island for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you find the young man to the left here as appealing as I do? The photo to the left was one of a series he posted online that became a huge hit through Tumblr, but then Tumblr banned X-rated materials and his photos disappeared. Some were quite explicit, and oh-so-sexy. Censorship sucks, doesn’t it?

I had a great lap-swimming session and workout at the YMCA, and on the way home I hit the supermarket to replenish my fridge and cupboards. Once I got home, I put everything away and then I made a series of phone calls to friends about my upcoming trip out west. Now, I’m enjoying a cold beer and ready for an easy night.

I have no concrete plans, other than dining on tasty leftovers and maybe visiting my timeshare down the street for a dip in the pool. Have a nice Wednesday evening, everyone.

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