Martin’s back from the far West; beautiful Timothee Chalamet ….

Hi, friends and readers:

This is one of the most poinient scenes from Call Me By Your Name. Poor Elio knows his time with Oliver is short, and is not happy about it, but he’s learning about falling in love and losing one’s love object to some other person, because of practicalities. Heartbreaking, really, but a great film scene. Life’s lessons can be terribly hard, even at my age, but I continue to discover how everything works. Can you say…karma?

Yes, I am back, friends, and feeling a bit out of joint due to the fact I’ve been in the far West for 3 weeks, and I just returned from the Mountain time zone. Our flight home wasn’t bad, really, and my bud’s girlfriend picked us up at the airport around ten PM, Tampa time. I got home by 11:15, and all was well.

I’ll need 5 days or so before I get back into sync with my life here in FL, but that’s okay. It feels good to be home, and I say thanks to my neighbor, Kim, who looked after things while I was gone.

The weather was great in the places we visited: Wyoming, Montana and British Columbia. We met so many nice and welcoming people and experienced amazing terrain. Mostly, we stayed in Airbnd spots with kitchens, so we could cook our own food. Of course, I picked a few dud places, but we did okay. The trip was a total success.

I wish I’d had Elio greeting me tonight, when I returned home, but Porn Hub sufficed. I love my home, here on the island, and I am grateful for three of the most outstanding weeks of my life.

Good night, friends and readers.

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