More Dylan Dauzat; looks like a quiet night for Martin’s in store ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, here we have Dylan at the shore, wearing only swim trunks, and I’d say he looks pretty good, displaying all that smooth flesh. I think I own that same pair of trunks, BTW. I wonder where that beach is? I’m guessing Southern California, but maybe not.

I spent my entire afternoon on the road, doing what I like least–shopping. First and foremost, I needed a new fitted sheet for my bed because the old one developed a tear and looked shabby. Then I headed to the mall and Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy clothing, including gym wear, a new swimsuit, and new casual t-shirts. My old t-shirts were looking a little worn, and I found a good deal on shirts at Dillard’s. Then I visited the WaWa to buy non-ethanol gas for my boat.

After I got home, of course, I had to unpack all my purchases and cut off the tags, a real pain. Now I’m washing sheets and then I’ll wash the rest of my purchases. I’m feeling a little weary since I rose early this morning, so I think I’ll stay home tonight and chill.

Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

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