Sexy Andrew Taggart; surgery’s in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The guy you see to the left here is named Andrew Taggart, a member of a musical duo called The Chainsmokers. I first saw him as a guest on an ESPN show, along with his musical partner, and I assumed they headlined a band. I thought Andrew was pretty damned sexy, and I figured he created C/W music. But I recently found out Andrew and his partner are simply DJs who play EDM (electronic dance music). H-m-m-m, how much talent does it take to spin vinyl? Oh well, he’s still very sexy …. 😉

I slept in somewhat late this morning, till nine AM, and right after breakfast I drove my Element back to the auto repair garage to see if they can find out why my car doesn’t want to start sometimes. It’s a frustrating situation. I love the Element, and it’s always been so reliable. Twice I have driven it all the way to Wisconsin and back with no problem. Okay, it’s eleven years old, but it still looks good and runs well, and Honda doesn’t make Elements anymore. But if I keep having this problem, it may be time for a new car. 🙁

Here’s another photo of Andrew at the gym. U-m-m, okay he spins vinyl for a living, but look at that body. Aye-yi-yi, who would pass up a date with him? Not me ….

Well, early tomorrow morning, I have outpatient surgery on my left hand, at a clinic in northeast Tampa. My sister will be driving me to and from, as I’m not allowed to drive myself after the procedure. Since the clinic is so far from my home, I’ve rented us a hotel room just a couple of clocks from the clinic, and we will stay there tonight. I’m taking us out to dinner at a nice place tonight, and then it’ll be a early bedtime for us.

All right, everyone, wish me luck tomorrow. Have a nice Monday, wherever you might be, and keep on smiling, it’s important. 🙂

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