Hot boys in the shower; restful day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Due to my surgery Tuesday, I wasn’t able to bathe yesterday, but this morning I wrapped my hand in a Ziploc bag and climbed into the shower for a nice, warm and fragrant experience. It felt so good to get my skin and hair clean. But it would have been more fun if our friend to the left here could have joined me. Isn’t he lovely? He looks so good with water streaming down his slender frame. I wonder what he was thinking about when the video was shot?

Well, after sharing a bottle of wine with my neighbor and dining on leftovers last night, I climbed into bed with a book and read for a half-hour before slipping into dreamland. I was exhausted from the aftermath of my surgery.

I got out of bed around nine this morning, feeling pretty good. Most of the pain in my hand is gone and I feel somewhat energized, but I am not going to push myself too hard. I’ve compiled a list of simple household tasks I can perform indoors, ones that won’t impact my left hand. I’ll clean out drawers and closets, tossing stuff I never use and making things tidy. I’ll clean out my fridge and cupboards and sweep the floors. Yes, I may be physically limited on what I can do, but I’ll be productive. The outdoor work can wait until my hand is usable again, and that’s they way it is.

All right, everyone, thanks for the well-wishes I received from so many of you regarding my surgery. I’m doing just fine, and looking forward to the rest of my day. Enjoy your Thursday. 🙂


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