Another guy on a BMX bike; productive day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here’s another one of my favorite BMX bicycle photos I want to share with you this evening. I find the picture fascinating. It’s hard to tell how old the boy is because although his face looks young, he has a muscular body. He could be fifteen or he could be eighteen. Anyway, it looks like he’s riding his bike in a fairly remote place. Maybe he lives with his family on a farm or ranch in the western U.S.? And what do you suppose he’s looking at? Like all good photos, it asks more questions than it answers.

Despite my mostly useless left hand, I got a lot done on editing my friend’s scholarly book, and I am close to 25% through it after spending several hours on it today. It’s a slow-moving process, as this is a 450-page document, all single-spaced, but I’m working through it, and I know I will feel good when I finish, probably in about ten days if I keep at it.

I’m having a friend over to share a bottle of wine in just a little bit, and then I will get my dinner going–ground sirloin steak, half a baked potato, and frozen veggies. It may not sound too exciting, but I’m looking forward to it, and maybe I will finish watching the boring French Netflix movie I started last night.

Have a nice Tuesday evening, friends.

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