Beautiful William Franklyn Miller; wet night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The young man to the left here is William Franklyn Miller, who, a few years ago, was declared by many to be “the most beautiful boy in the world.” He’s since grown up considerably, and I find him terribly appealing, but I fear William may be suffering from over-exposure. Anyway, I like the photo to the left because it is not a professional pic, just a very natural photo of William. 🙂

Once again, I am spending my evening at home, nursing my sore hand and hoping it’s going to start feeling better over the next couple of days. A friend may bring a bottle of wine over tonight, and if he does I know we will have some laughs and listen to some music.

I spent most of the afternoon editing my friend’s book; I am now about 40% of the way through it. I spent about an hour on the phone earlier, just going over a few things and getting some questions answered. He seems grateful for my efforts, which is all I ask.

Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

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