Shirtless and sexy; easy Thursday in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

You know, some guys just aren’t made to wear a shirt. Why cover up all those sleek muscles and all that smooth skin. I mean, have a look at the guy to the left here. He’s just my type–fair-skinned, dark hair, and slender, with just the right amount of muscle. If he were my boyfriend he would never wear a shirt at home. (“I’m home, Devin. Ditch your shirt, pronto.”

After a very enjoyable evening yesterday–both dinner and the movie were excellent–I came home feeling restless, and ended up reading until one this morning. Then I didn’t wake up until eleven AM. 🙁

Oh, well, I’ve had a very busy week, what with picking up my boat and getting it back in the water, and then getting my stitches taken out yesterday. My evenings have been busy, too, so I haven’t had much time to relax.

Oh, and do you think our friend to the left here looks good in his swim trunks and nothing else? And why is his left hand resting between on his crotch? Is he covering something up?

Anyway, I have some errands to run in just a few minutes. I want to walk three miles on the beach when I get back, and I’ve already completed all my housework. Since today is Thursday, around 5:30 PM I will drive into the city to spend the evening with my oldest friend. Because of my hand, I wasn’t able to visit him the past two weeks, and it’ll be nice to return to our routines.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone. 🙂

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