More super handsome guys; easy night in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When  I was fourteen years old, my sister dated a high school senior named Dan. He looked just like the guy to the left here, and I became infatuated with him. Dan owned a Honda motorcycle, and sometimes he’d take me for a ride down the beach highway near our home. I’d wrap my arms around his slender waist and rest my cheek against his shoulder, and it was always so sexy. I could not believe my luck at having Dan in my life, and I was crushed when Dan and my sister broke up. I walked around feeling lousy for weeks.

Several years ago, I published an anthology about bisexual men titled I’m Bi Myself, and included in it is a short story titled A Beautiful Motorcycle. It’s about Dan and the relationship I had with him back when I was fourteen. Here’s an excerpt:


Copyright Martin Delacroix, 2010

One Saturday, I heard the growl of Dan’s motorcycle, just after lunchtime. My sister lay on a bed sheet, sunning herself in our back yard. She wore her swimsuit, listened to her transistor radio.

I lay on my bed, reading a comic book, when Dan stuck his head through my doorway. He clutched a pair of
bathing trunks. “Mind if I change in here?” he asked.

I told Dan it was fine.

He  closed the door. Then he placed the trunks on my desk. After pulling his t-shirt over his head, he hung it on the desk chair. His chest and shoulder muscles were defined, his belly flat. I stole glances while he removed his shoes and socks; already my cock had swollen.

Dan unzipped his jeans and shucked them down his legs. He stepped out of the jeans and slung them across the chair, as well. Dan wore white briefs. (We all wore white briefs back then.) He slipped his thumbs inside the briefs’ waistband, and after he peeled them down to his ankles, he kicked them off.

The briefs joined his other clothes on the chair, and he stood before me naked.

My heart hammered my rib cage and my mouth went dry.


Well, I had a productive afternoon. After lunch, I took a three-mile walk on the beach, where a nice breeze blew. Then I spent three hours in my yard, trimming shrubs, raking up leaves, spraying for weeds, and using my leaf blower to clean off my patio. I fertilized and watered all my house and porch plants too. It felt good to get outside and do something concrete after being cooped up inside with my sore hand the past two weeks. Thankfully, the sky was overcast and the breeze kept me cool while I worked. Now my place looks great and I feel comfortably tired. 🙂

I intentionally made no plans for my evening. I had an invitation from a friend for dinner and a visit to a bar with live music, out here on the beach, but I elected to stay home.

All right, everyone, it’s Friday night, so if you’re single and young, get on the Internet or go out to a bar and look for a little love from a handsome guy. You deserve it, boy. 😉

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