Slender and sexy; quiet Sunday on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I know a lot you guys out there like your men beefy, and that’s fine. But for my money I’ll take a slender young man any day of the week. I mean, how’d you like to have Mr. White Briefs to the left here, wandering around your apartment all day? I he were my boyfriend, he wouldn’t keep those briefs on for long. 😉

A neighbor and I visited my timeshare last night, to swim in the pool and enjoy the pretty evening. We met some nice folks there from Minnesota, and chatted with them for close to an hour. Afterward, I came home and got into bed with a book.

It’s a quiet Sunday, here on the island. The sun is shining and a nice breeze is blowing but not many beach goers are out here, I don’t know why, but I’m fine with the quietude. I have a date coming to visit me in just a little while; it’s our first meeting and I’m kind of excited because he’s real cute. Plus he has a college degree, a real job, a car and his own apartment, a rarity in the gay dating scene. So, wish me luck, friends.

I may ask my date to have dinner with me. I already visited the supermarket earlier to buy food and wine, so I’m prepared if he’s hungry.

By the way, do you find Mr. Shirtless in the lower photo as sexy as I do? He has a nice slender build, smooth skin and pretty hair, and he’s narrow in the hips. Just my type, and certainly boyfriend material.

All right, everyone, I need to get ready for my visitor, so I’ll close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Sunday, wherever you might be today.

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