Beautiful guys in black-and-white ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Oh, how I adore good black-and-white photography, especially when the subject is a handsome young man like the fellow to the left here, who reminds me of my first partner in so many ways. We met when I was in law school, and we lived together for twenty-five years.  He had an athletic build and bushy hair that grew in waves to his shoulders. We had a lot of good times, but also some…not so good times. I guess that’s life. 🙁

I had a frustrating experience in the later part of Wednesday evening, when the water service went out at my house. I called the county utilities department and they claimed they would fix things right away, but when I rose this morning, I still had no service. I called again, and two hours later, I finally had water flowing again. You know, I guess we all take certain basic things like water or electricity service for granted, until we don’t have them.

Needless to say, I got off to a rocky start this morning. I was up at eight, and I managed to brew coffee and eat a simple breakfast, but my brain was so agitated by lack of water service that I could not focus on my novel-in-progress. So I read the newspaper and solved the L.A. Times crossword puzzle instead.

Now, it’s 10:30 AM and I have a gazillion things to get done around the house, now that I have water service again. Once I am done inside, I have yard work to perform outdoors, and luckily there’s a nice breeze blowing from the east that’ll help keep me cool while I toil.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.