More chiseled abs; Gators beat Tennessee ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I believe the photo to the left was taken in a locker room. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d love to shower next to Mr. Rippling Abs here. Plus he has amazing lips, the kind that beg to be kissed. Aye-yi-yi, it ought to be a crime to look that good. 😉

Well, my Florida Gators trounced Tennessee, and our new quarterback performed quite well. But the acid test for the Gators will be when they travel to Baton Rouge to play those dirty LSU Tigers. Who knows which team will win?

After the noon Gators game ended around three PM, I worked for two hours, replacing a damaged part in my refrigerator and also cleaning the fridge, since I had to remove most of the food in it so I could make the repair. Okay, the repair wasn’t easy. It involved lots of moving parts, but I followed instructions on a YouTube video, and I succeeded. The fridge is now looking good and everything’s working well. Good for me. 🙂

I deliberately made no plans for this weekend. I just wanted to spend some time by myself and work on various projects, so I am spending this evening alone. (Unless I get lucky and one of my boyfriends calls me.)

Have a nice Saturday night, everybody.

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