Another guy with amazing brown eyes; quiet Sunday night in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you read this morning’s post, then you know I have a special liking for young men with dark hair and brown eyes, and the guy to the left here is exactly what I’m talking about. I could stare into his face for hours while running my fingers through his hair and planting kisses on him everywhere–face, lips, ears. and neck. Yummy …. 😉

I had a great afternoon. I got some chores done around the house and talked for 30 minutes with my boyfriend while he was driving home to Kansas City after attending a wedding near Minneapolis. He’s such a cute guy, and he’ll be spending a long weekend with me in early October. I don’t know who’s more excited about the visit, him or me, but that’s okay. He’s a sweetie, and a horny Midwesterner, kind of like my last partner was.

Around four PM, I ran two miles, here on the island, and because a nice breeze was blowing, the run was almost effortless. Now, a friend’s coming over for a drink in just a few minutes, and then I’ll heat up tasty leftovers for my dinner.

Have a nice Sunday night, everyone.

Sexy Jack Dylan Glazer; sunny and windy day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I love fair-skinned guys with dark hair and brown eyes, and Jack Dylan Glazer, whom you see in today’s photo posts, is exactly my type.

Jack came to my attention when I saw the movie Shazam a few months ago. He was definitely my favorite actor in the film, and not just because he’s cute. He’s also a very talented young man. Jack, if you ever need a boyfriend, call me. 🙂

I spent last night watching college football and talking on the phone with friends. Then, around eleven PM, I climbed into bed with a book. I ended up sleeping till eleven this morning.

Yeah, that’s right, I probably slept eleven hours, and it’s frustrating. I feel fine once I get out of bed, but I seem to need a lot of rest. Tomorrow, I’ll call my doctor to make an appointment about this issue.

It’s another windy and sunny day, here on the island, and at least it’s not so damned hot like it had been the first half of September. I have already read the Sunday newspaper, and I spent close to an hour on the phone with a friend from Germany who will be visiting me, along with his girlfriend, in mid-November. I’m looking forward to seeing him, as he has always been one of my closest friends, ever since he lived with me as an exchange student for a year, back in 1998-99. He loves my fishing camp and I promised him we’d go up there.

Because I slept so late this morning, I need to get busy running a few errands and making more phone calls. Around four PM, I will take a two-mile run for some exercise, and then I’ll dine on leftovers for my evening meal. It’s tasty barbecue fare from my Thursday evening chill time with my best friend, so I’ll be good.

Have a nice Sunday, friends, wherever you are today.