Beautiful blond guys; easy Monday in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site, then you know I’m a fan of guys with dark hair and eyes; that’s my taste in men. But I can certainly appreciate the beauty of young men with blond hair and blue eyes, like Alan Carey, whom you see to the left here. I mean, what a handsome guy. 🙂

I watched a little football last night while I dined on leftovers, and then I spent some time on the phone with a lovely young man who will be visiting me from the Midwest this coming weekend.He’s such a sweet guy and very cute. Lucky me …. 😉

I was up at a reasonable hour this morning, and after I had breakfast, I worked on editing my novel-in-progress. Then I solved the L.A.Times crossword puzzle.

Now it’s noon, and right after lunch, I will climb into my Element and drive into town to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming session. I try to do that three days per week, as it’s good for my physical and mental health. I missed last Friday because I had too much to do over at my vacation rental this weekend.

By the way, do you find the young man to the left here as appealing as I do? Great skin and hair, and a nice slender body. Definitely boyfriend material. Why doesn’t he live near me? 🙁

All right, everyone, I need to get busy packing for the gym, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a terrific Monday, wherever you are today. 🙂