Another sexy guy in gym shorts; baseball in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the young man to the left here. I think he’s sexy as hell. Great skin and hair, and nice muscles. Plus his eyes have just a hint of cruelty in them, as if he might treat you a little rough in the bedroom. I think I’d be willing to put up with a little abuse, once in a while, if he’d agree to wear those gym shorts and nothing else around the house. 😉

I’ve had a busy afternoon. After my appointment in Tampa, I drove directly to the YMCA. I found a shady spot to park in and enjoyed a lunch I’d packed in a small cooler. Then I worked out. Once I left the YMCA, I hit the wine market, the bank and the supermarket. By the time I got home and got everything put away, the time was well past four and I was kind of tired from all my running around. My feet were sore and so were my muscles form my workout, so I made a protein shake and solved a crossword puzzle.

Now it’s close to five PM, and after I shower I’ll have a couple of beers before getting busy on tonight’s dinner–fresh salmon and a sweet potato. Around eight PM, I’ll tune into the Rays Wild Card game.

Go, Rays!

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