Sexy football players; Gators score a win over S. Carolina this afternoon ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I am not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy watching my Florida Gators play football. I attended UF as an undergraduate for four years, and I have been a Gators football fan since I was a boy.

Today was a big day for UF’s football program. They managed to beat South Carolina on the road while missing many of their key defensive players. Our quarterback, Kyle Trask, played a great game, and so did our defense. Congratulations, guys, you earned that victory this afternoon.

By the way, to you find the guy to the left here as sexy as I do? I love his bushy hair and his chiseled facial features. He’s definitely boyfriend material.

Well, a tropical storm swept through Florida in the wee hours of Saturday. The rain was drumming my roof so hard it woke me up and I had to read for a while before I finally got back to sleep. Anyway, the storm didn’t damage my property at all, so I count myself as lucky.

It’s still very windy outside, and we are still getting rain bands from the storm, but the worst has passed. I’m hosting two close friends for dinner tonight, so we can plan our trip to Gainesville for the Gators/Vanderbilt game. It’ll be a fun weekend, plus we have good seats and a sweet Airbnb 6 blocks from campus so we can walk to the game, and also the downtown bars and restaurants. We are all three stoked for a good time.

Alright, everyone, I need to get busy preparing a nice dinner of fresh shrimp over pasta and a fresh spinach salad. Have a nice Saturday night, friends, and…Go Gators!

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