Beautiful boys in black-and-white; quiet Sunday in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Good quality lack-and-white photography is hard to beat, especially when the subject matter is a beautiful young man like the two in today’s photo posts. Isn’t the boy to the left here adorable? I could spend an entire afternoon planting kisses on his handsome face. Yummy …. 😉

My little dinner party last night was a lot of fun. We drank three bottles of wine and dined on fresh shrimp over pasta with a tomato roux. The three of us shared a nice Cuban cigar on my back porch and talked about everything from sex to politics. After my friends left, I finished cleaning up my kitchen, then I climbed into bed with a book.

Now, have a look at our shirtless friend to the left here. He looks like a saucy lad, doesn’t he? I would imagine he’d be a handful in the bedroom …. 😉

I was up at ten this morning, and to my dismay, my newspaper wasn’t delivered. When I called about it, the office told me my subscription has run out. 🙁 Well, I seem to remember getting a renewal notice about a month ago, and tossing it because I still had a month to go. Oh, well, I renew as soon as they send me another bill.

The tropical storm that blew through here early Saturday morning has left my patios a mess, so I will spend a couple of hours cleaning things up this afternoon. I have some correspondence to take care of and some editing to perform on my novel-in-progress, so I’ll stay busy.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone. 🙂

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