Another cute guy with freckles; still no a/c for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you were to ask me for an exact physical description of a young man I’d choose as a boyfriend, I would simply show you the photo to the left here. I love everything about the guy–his slender frame, his dark wavy hair, his smooth fair skin, his sooty eyelashes, and delicate facial features. Talk about boyfriend material. Aye-yi-yi. 😉

Well, it has been a frustrating day for me. I was expecting my a/c people to be out his this morning to install a new fan  motor in my outdoor unit. By 12:30 PM, I still not heard from anybody, so I called. They informed me that the part they need to install has yet to be delivered. So, I continue to endure the heat and humidity that lingers through October in central Florida.

Thankfully, it’s been a rainy and overcast day, here on the island, so things could be worse. Plus I have ceiling fans in nearly every room in the house, and they help some.

I have no plans for my Monday evening. Right now it’s raining pretty hard and the wind is blowing. I did make a run to the supermarket earlier; I have fresh salmon for my dinner. And I have a Netflix rental to watch, so I’ll be good.

Have a nice Monday night, friends. 🙂


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