Another guy baring his butt; quiet night in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you like the sight of a young man baring his rear end, then I know you’ll like the photo to the left here. Is that an amazing set of cheeks, or what? I wonder if he does special exercises (Squats maybe?) to get them to look so beautiful?

Well, I got my hair cut this afternoon and visited a plant nursery to buy a couple of shrubs I will plant in my patios this weekend. When I got home, I took a three-mile walk on the beach and it was so beautiful down there–sunny and breezy and not too warm. I’m so lucky to live here. 🙂

I’m not doing much tonight, other than having a friend over for a drink and maybe watching the rest of a Netflix rental I need to finish. I’m feeling pretty tired right now, so it’ll be an early bedtime for Martin.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends. 🙂

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