The amazing art of Gabriel Garbow ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I discovered watercolor artist Gabriel Garbow several years ago, when I came across some of his paintings online. The subjects of most of Garbow’s paintings are handsome young men, often wearing very little. Some depict two gay men  making love. I have two Garbow watercolors in my bedroom, and every morning, when I look at them, they lift my spirits because they are so beautiful.

I tried taking a three-mile walk on the beach down the street, earlier this afternoon, but conditions down there were terrible. The tide was way up, the surf was rough, and the normally soft sand was instead a solid sheet of seashells, making barefoot walking way too uncomfortable. So I came back home.

Here’s another Garbow watercolor I really like. It’s titled Boy with a Pillow. The model is exquisitely handsome, and I especially like the muted colors in the painting.

It’s getting close to four PM, and I spent a little time watching football earlier, but I can’t get all the excited about the games on TV today.

Okay, if you would like to see more of Garbow’s work, click on the button in the sidebar to the right here, and you can view dozens of his paintings.

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