Are you a spanking aficionado? Check out this video ….

Hi, friends and readers:

There is a fetish subset in the gay community, men who enjoy giving or receiving a spanking, and I have to admit I find certain spanking scenes stimulating. I mean, do the photos I am posting here this morning give you a tingle in your boxer shorts? They certainly raise one in mine. There’s something about seeing a young man’s bare bottom get roasted that gets my juices flowing. 😉

I had a nephew who moved in with me when he was twelve because my sister was unable to control his behavior. I tried the usual forms of punishment: time out, deprivation of privileges, etc., but none of those worked. So, I had to resort to spanking his bare butt a couple of times a month, and it worked pretty well. There is something to be said for spanking as a means of correcting a young man’s miscreant behaviors, and it looks like our friend to the left here is about to receive a dose. Oh, well ….

It’s going to be a fun Saturday for me. I got up early because the concrete truck arrived here at eight AM to pour my new sidewalk. I brewed coffee and enjoyed a quick breakfast. Then I spent an hour or so editing the fresh material I wrote yesterday. I read the newspaper and tried (but failed) to solve the L.A.Times crossword puzzle. 🙁

My new sidewalk is looking good. It will improve the appearance of my home tremendously and will be much safer than the old one.

This afternoon I will drive into the city to watch the Florida Gators football team play Georgia in the Gators’ most important game of the year. If they win this game, they will most certainly be the SEC East champions. I’m not a rabid sports fan, but I do love Gator football. I attended UF as an under-graduate, and was raised to be Gator devotee as a boy.

Anyway, my host has a big screen TV and we will most certainly do a bit of drinking during the game. Then we’ll get takeout pizza for our dinner. It’ll be an enjoyable evening, especially if the Gators prevail, and I hope they do. They deserve to. Oh, I almost forgot. If you enjoy seeing an attractive young man get his bare fanny spanked, you’ll have to check out this steamy video:

Enjoy, guys, and have a great Saturday. 🙂

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