Cute boy in an a-shirt; beautiful morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It takes a special guy to carry off wearing an a-shirt, and former Russian porn model, Vova, whom you see in today’s photo posts, does it well. Vova reached the peak of his popularity about fifteen years ago, and I imagine he’s now in his mid-30’s. I wonder what he’s up to today? Probably living with an oligarch and driving around Moscow in a Bentley. 🙂

Well, my Florida Gators got beat by Georgia yesterday in a very frustrating game where nothing seemed to go right for UF: bad calls by officials, bad execution by our offense, and ineffective pass rush against Georgia’s Jake Fromm.

Oh well, it was only a football game, and I still thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my old friend at his comfortable home. The weather was so beautiful we switched off the game at halftime and sat on his second-floor deck, overlooking his park-like yard. In fact, it was so nice out there we never turned the game back on.

I’ve always liked this Vova photo to the left here. He has an enigmatic expression on his face, as though he’s not letting his inner thoughts be known. I wonder what those thoughts were?

It is a beautiful day, here on the island, with the temperature in the mid-70’s and low humidity. I plan to take a three-mile walk on the beach, later today, so I can soak up the Gulf’s natural beauty and savor the weather. My vacation renter left yesterday, and I need to launder the used linens she left in a laundry basket.

I don’t have anything planned for my evening, other than baking a chicken breast and watching a little football while I enjoy my dinner. But maybe I’ll ask a friend to visit the hot tub at my timeshare after I eat.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone. And Vova, if you see this post, give me a call and let me know how you are doing, okay? 🙂

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