More lover boys; annoying Thursday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

In keeping with today’s theme, I’m putting up one of my favorite “lover boys” photos. Aren’t they beautiful? And they are not shy about kissing in a public place. 🙂

It’s been a terribly annoying day for me, despite the lovely weather. I’ve got a plumbing problem in my apartment I think I have narrowed down to a leaky pipe under the building. In the meantime, I have no hot water service and very low pressure cold water service.

Thankfully, I have hot and cold water service in my vacation rental, so that’s where I showered tonight. A plumber is due here tomorrow, midday, and hopefully he can fix the situation for not too much money.

I had to cancel my visit to the YMCA and my evening with my friend, so I can deal with this situation. I’ll spend a quiet evening at home, dining on leftovers and doing without water until tomorrow. 🙁

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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