Boys and their i-Pods; will Martin get water service today?

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes it drives me crazy how so many young guys walk around all day with earbuds inserted in their ears. I mean, they are totally oblivious to what is going on around them, and they don’t socialize with other people. (“Conversation? Who needs it?”) As a result, I find many young men are utterly lacking in social skills, especially the ability to conduct a conversation with anyone. G-r-r-r. 🙁

Anyway, if sound like a curmudgeon I apologize, but I am not in the best of moods this morning. I had to turn of my water service at the meter box last night when I discovered the meter was whirling around and around, meaning I have a serious leak on my property, most likely near the hot water heater for my apartment.

A plumber is coming out today to try and diagnose the problem and fix it, but I fear this means he’ll have to crawl underneath my house, which will be a nasty job, but possibly necessary, to restore my hot and cold water service. Why does life have to be such a pain in the butt at times?

All right, I’ll stop bitching. Instead, I’ll focus on the beautiful day outside, and on the beautiful young man to the left here. I’ll bet he can do amazing things with those luscious lips of his. 😉

Aside from dealing with my plumbing issue, I will try to stay busy around here, since I can’t leave the property until my water problem is resolved. I have correspondence to tend to, editing work to perform on my novel-in-progress, and some light housework to perform. And if I get my water service back, I can shave and even take a shower, 🙂

Have a great Friday, everyone. And get those earbuds out of your ears. Sit down with a friend over a beer and have a real conversation.

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