Sexy guys with long curly hair; long day for Martin, but a fun one ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I met my first partner when I was in law school, and our relationship lasted 25 years. When we first met, he had the most amazing head of long curly hair, much like the guys have in today’s photo posts. I used to love running my fingers through my partner’s hair during sex. Oh, how long ago that was ….

It has been an especially long day for me. I rose around ten AM, and an hour later, after a hasty breakfast and packing up my backpack, I drove to a friend’s house in Tampa. His girlfriend joined us, and the three of us drove my Element to an outdoor music festival.

Now, you must understand, my friend and his girlfriend are half my age. They selected the concert, and I didn’t know who any of the bands were. I would say the crowd was mostly aged 16-35 years old, and I am sure I was the oldest person in attendance, but that’s okay.

The music was stellar, I especially liked the headliner group called The 1975, but we were there for nine hours, and that’s not an exaggeration. After the sun went down, the temperature plunged to 55 degrees, and none of us had worn warm enough clothing for the weather. My teeth were chattering for five hours. The beer and mixed drinks were a rip off too, but still I don’t regret going. It was a refreshing, albeit tiring experience, and then I had to make an hour’s drive to get home.

Oh well, I survived spending the day with a huge crowd of youngsters, and I held my own as best I could. I declined the weed offered to me, and even limited my drinking, so I could drive back to my island. Now I am home where it’s warm and safe, and my bed is calling me.

It’s been a good day, but I must close this post out and get some rest. You might want to check out The 1975’s music, I plan to buy one of their CDs. Have a wonderful Sunday night, friends. (Oh, damn, it’s already Monday.) 🙂

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