Hot boys in basketball shorts; Martin was a road warrior today ….

Hi, friends and readers:

About ten  blocks from my house is a public park with a pair of outdoor basketball courts, and they are popular with groups of young men, most of whom play shirtless. Sometimes I’ll ride my bike down there to watch them play for 5-10 minutes, just soaking up the sights. All that smooth and sweaty flesh is tantalizing as hell, but after 10 minutes, I figure I need to move on before the guys figure out what I am doing there. 😉

Anyway, do you find our friend to the left here as appealing as I do. I love his long hair, smooth skin, slender build, and handsome face. He’s got it all. Wonder if he has a boyfriend? 🙂

Well, it is five PM here, as I write these words, and I did not make a post earlier today because I didn’t have time. I spent my entire day dealing with my boat I keep at a marina 85 miles north of here.

I took the boat into the Suzuki dealer about three weeks ago, for a repair. And today, with the assistance of a young man who lives near the marina, I picked up the boat, drove it to the marina, and got the boat back in its slip. Then I drove home. The whole process took from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, but at least it’s done, and my boat is running smoothly.

It’s another beautiful evening, here on the island, and I will likely build a blaze in my patio’s firepit, where I can sit and enjoy the flames and the beautiful weather. Have a nice Wednesday evening, friends.

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