Hot guys in Speedo swimsuits; perfect day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you are an admirer of beautiful young men, then you know nothing flatters a sexy guy’s physique like a Speedo swimsuit. It leaves very little to the imagination, but is still socially acceptable attire at the beach or the swimming pool.

Have a look at our friend to the left here. He’s about as close to make perfection as I can imagine–great skin and well-developed muscles, along with pretty hair. How’d you like to spend a day at the beach with him? 😉

I didn’t post yesterday because I got so busy I didn’t have time. I was in bed by ten PM with a book, and I didn’t get up until then this morning. I woke to a beautiful fall day, here on the island. It’s sunny, still and about 75 degrees F.

Now, if you like your Speedo-clad men a little less beefy, I know you’ll find the guy to the left here terribly appealing. He’s mighty cute isn’t he? But is he about to peel that suit to his ankles? Why? I guess we’ll never know.

I have family staying in my vacation rental next door, my sister and her husband, and I am so glad the weather will be good during their stay. They are having me over for lunch in just a few minutes, and then I am sure we’ll all go to the beach for a few hours to soak up the natural fall beauty down there. I’ll take a three-mile walk, but I won’t swim. To me, the Gulf water is just too chilly, but I am sure folks from up north will be taking a dip.

I’m having dinner in the city with an old friend. We’ll get takeout pizza and salad, and then we will watch the Gators/Seminoles football game on my friend’s large screen TV. It’ll be fun.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone. 🙂

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