Another hot boy at the beach; nice evening in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s a shame U.S. guys are so modest about their bodies they won’t wear Speedo-style swimsuits, because certain guys would look amazing in them, like Mr. Sunglasses to the left here. Isn’t he gorgeous? 😉

It’s been a productive day for me. I got some work done in the writing department. Then I fertilized all the shrubbery under my observation deck, which hadn’t be done in six months. I used a leaf blower on my patios and swept the sidewalks. I didn’t mind the work because the weather’s was so nice.

I have relatives staying in my vacation rental next door, and I am hosting them for drinks and dinner in just a little bit, so I need to get going. Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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