Hot boys at the beach; another postcard day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

In most parts of the northern hemisphere, going to the beach on December first would seem out of the question because the weather’s too cold, but not on my island. Yesterday, I took a three-mile walk on the beach, and things were crowded. All kinds of sexy boys were running around in swim trunks and little else, which made for interesting sights. Isn’t the guy to the left here sexy? I love his shock of blond hair, his lean body, smooth skin and cheery grin. He’s definitely boyfriend material, in my book. 😉

I spent a nice evening at my friend’s house in town, drinking beer and wine, eating salad and pizza, and watching my Florida Gators trounce FSU at the UF campus stadium. Then I drove home and traded some IMs with one of my out-of-town boyfriends.

I ended up sleeping in this morning, and after I got out of bed, I brewed coffee and read the newspaper from one end to the other. I traded text messages with several friends, and tidied my house. Now, it’s lunchtime and after I eat, I’ll do some yard work, fertilizing shrubbery and using a leaf blower on my patios and sidewalk.

I have family visiting–they’re at the beach right now–and tonight I’ll prepare a shrimp and pasta meal I know they will enjoy. We’ll share a bottle of wine, and it’ll make for a nice evening.

Have a great Sunday, everyone. I hope the sun is shining, wherever you might be.

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