Beautiful guys in black-and-white; blustery morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Monday, the day of the week I like to showcase a few of my favorite black-and-white photos, and the one to the left here I truly love because the young man looks exactly like a fraternity brother of mine who I developed a huge crush on my sophomore year of college. His name was Jerry, and despite his physical beauty, he was rather shy, which I found charming. My senior year, I finally summoned the courage to tell him of my feelings, but alas, he politely turned me down. 🙁 Jerry, where are you today?

Speaking of old loves, the guy to the left here looks just like my first partner when he was in his early twenties. Same hair and build, same handsome face. We were together 25 years, and we shared a lot of good times. We still stay in touch, but he lives 400 miles form here now, and has a new partner.

I woke this morning shivering because I had left my bedroom windows open, and a cold front swept into the area overnight. Outside, it’s overcast, cold and windy, a complete change from the idyllic weather we have experienced over the last ten days. Oh well,  you can’t have perfection every day, can you?

I slept in late this morning, so I didn’t get writing done. I brewed coffee and enjoyed a simply breakfast, and in about a half hour I will drive into  the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming session. I have n plans for my evening, which is fine.

Have a nice Monday, everyone. 🙂

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