A beautiful blond boy; Christmas baking day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

A few weeks ago, I came across the photo to the left, and I was immediately taken by the boy’s beauty. No, he isn’t a hunk, but I find his slender body, tousled blond hair, and dazzling smile quite breathtaking. He’s perfect boyfriend material, but does anyone know who he is? He clearly lives in a tropical climate, but I don’t think it’s Florida, due to the architecture in the background. All I can say is…YUMMY. 😉

I spent a pleasant evening at my friend’s house yesterday. We had a face cord of firewood delivered to his driveway, 20% of which I brought home for my firepit. The rest we stacked under my friend’s deck for use in his firepit all winter long. Then we drank a few beers and dined on pizza and salad.

Here’s another lovely photo of our blond boy. In my opinion, he should always wear a swimsuit, or maybe nothing at all. 😉 What an amazing smile. 🙂

Every year at this time, I bake Christmas cookies as gifts for my neighbors. I use two recipes from my Georgia grandma and one recipe from my Pennsylvania grandma. I put the cookies in holiday tins with tissue paper and deliver them in my Santa cap a day or two before Christmas Eve. Today will be my cookie baking day, which involves a lot of work in my kitchen, preparing the cookie dough and baking multiple batches. It’ll take three to four hours, but I don’t mind. I’ll put Christmas music on the stereo and light my beautiful Christmas tree. 🙂

All right everyone, I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing you all a super Saturday. And if you happen to speak with Santa, tell him I want the blonde boy under my tree Christmas morning, wearing a swimsuit. (Or maybe nothing at all.)

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