Another handsome guy; another quiet night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Isn’t the young man to the left here beautiful? And it’s such a nice photo. I love the expression on his face, as if he’s saying, “Hi, mister, I’m lonely. Will you take me home with you?”

Well, sure, I will…. 🙂

I had an amazingly productive afternoon. I hit the wine market and supermarket. When I got home, I put everything away, and parked my car. I got the duvet cover back on my bed (a task) and took all the Christmas lights and Frosty the Snowman down from my deck. I took all the Christmas ornaments off my tree and boxed them up. I put Frosty in the attic, and I paid bills.

Now it past five PM and I am feeling good. I had more energy today than I have had in ten days, so I think I’m on the verge of full recovery from the flu. It feels good.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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