Hot guys wearing sunglasses; pleasant day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here in Florida, most of us wear sunglasses every time we leave the house, particularly if we live on the coast, where glare from the Gulf or the Atlantic can be withering. I have two pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses, I wear all the time, and I like the way they look on me, but even when I am wearing them, I don’t look as good as the guy to the left here. I like his tousled hair and slender frame. I’m guessing the photo was taken in the Greek Isles, because of the architecture in the background.

It’s been an odd day for me because I had a restless night in bed, then I had to jump in my car and drive 20 miles to see my orthopedic surgeon. I’ve had pain in my kneecaps ever since attending and all-day-and-night rock festival over in Tampa, where I had to climb three very steep flights of stairs to reach the concessions and rest rooms.

My doctor said my patellar tendons had been strained at the festival and they are inflamed, which he said was fixable. I have to take steroids for six days, and I can’t run, go to the gym, or even walk long distances for six weeks. I’m not happy about the lack of exercise, but I’ll follow doctor’s orders.

By the way, do you find the guy in the lower photo here as sexy as I do? He has a nice smooth body and great hair, and his sunglasses look sweet on him. What a cute guy. I wonder if he has a boyfriend and, if so, did his boyfriend pick out that skimpy swimsuit for him. 😉

It’s almost five PM here, and I don’t have a lot planned for my evening. I have leftovers for dinner and a nice bottle of white wine chilling in the fridge. Have a nice Friday night, friends. 🙂

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