Sexy guys wearing trapper hats; another chilly day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

About ten years ago, I visited Toronto to get acquainted with a guy I’d met over the Internet. This was February, and it was cold up there–highs of 30 and lows of 15. While there, I noticed a lot of young men wearing hats like the ones appearing in today’s photo posts, and when I asked my friend what they were called, he said, “They’re trapper hats. They keep your head and ears warm.”

I was later given a trapper hat as a gift by my then boyfriend, but I have rarely worn it since the weather never gets too cold in Florida.

I did get an opportunity to wear my trapper hat a few years ago when I attended a Green Bay Packers home game at Lambeau Field on Christmas Eve. The hat really does keep your head and ears warm. 🙂

Anyway, I think the guys in today’s photo posts look great in their trapper hats, especially since they’re not wearing much else. The young man to the left here is especially beautiful, with his smooth skin, bulging muscles and handsome face. I wonder if he ever wears his trapper hat when he has sex with his boyfriend?

It’s another chilly day outside–51 degrees–but at least the sun is shining and the wind quit blowing. I have a few errands to run before returning home, and then I’ll perform some yard work for a couple of hours, raking out my shrubbery beds and re-mulching them with fresh bags I bought yesterday at Home Depot. It’s not hard work when the weather’s cool like it is today, so I don’t mind the chore. Have a nice Wednesday, friends. 🙂

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