Hot guys in backward ball caps; another gloomy weather day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I love the look of a backward ball cap on a hot young guy, especially if he is not wearing a shirt. The cap gives him a sense of irreverence toward authority. But only guys under thirty should wear their caps backward. It’s a ridiculous look on a forty-year-old with a beer belly.

Our friend to the left here seems to have something weighty on his mind. Did he fight with his lover?

I slept in late today, after a restless night in bed. I was up multiple times, to get a drink of water our visit the bathroom, and I had some fairly strange dreams with multiple cast members. Not sure what to make of all that, but I wasn’t out of bed this morning until 10:30.

Now here’s a nice look to the left here–ball cap backward, long sleeve t-shirt, and white briefs that display a nice bulge in the pouch. He’s a sexy guy, and I like his fuzzy calves, they might be nice to rub my legs against on a chilly winter night.

Speaking of chilly…a cold front rolled into our area just after midnight, bringing with it heavy rains that went on all night long. Maybe that’s why I kept waking up. Right now, it’s pretty nasty out–chilly, rainy and breezy, not the kind of weather conducive to outdoor activities. I’ll stay inside and take care of correspondence. I’ll do some editing on my novel-in-progress. Then, around 6:30, I’ll drive into the city to spend time with two close friends I am going to Mardis Gras with later this month. We’ll drink some wine and dine on Chinese takeout, and it should be a nice evening.

Have a pleasant Saturday, everyone.