Beautiful guys in black-and-white; busy Wednesday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Every week, I choose a day to showcase some of my favorite black-and-white photos, and today is one of those. The young man to the left here is Romanian fashion model, Crisitian Chriac, who I think is one of the sexiest guys on the planet. I like everything about him–his tousled dark and wavy hair, his smooth skin and handsome facial features. And I find his lanky frame quite appealing. Definitely boyfriend material. 😉

I was up pretty early this morning, after a good night’s sleep, and at ten AM I had to drive my Element over to west Tampa for a follow-up appointment on my hand surgery performed back last August. Thankfully, traffic wasn’t bad.

My appointment was brief, and then I zoomed back to Pinellas County, where I stopped to gas up my car and to buy my annual parking pass so I can park on the street in front of my house. I had a hasty lunch, and now it’s one PM.

Now, have a look at the photo to the left here. He’s a beautiful young man, with his turned up nose and bushy hair, and I love the expression on his face, which seems to suggest he’s not sure why the photographer took his picture. Well, I sure know why … 😉

Anyway, it’s a pretty afternoon, here on the island, and I plan t spent a good part of it working in the right-of-way in front of my house, completing the weeding process and putting down fresh mulch. Okay, it’s a tedious task, but a necessary one, and since I can’t exercise until I see my orthopedist again (February 18th), it gives me something to do outdoors.

I don’t have any plans for my evening, but that’s okay. I’m thawing a chicken breast and I have a movie to watch, so I’ll be good. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone. 🙂