Another super-handsome guy; pretty night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

See the guy to the left here? He looks exactly like a high school senior my sister dated when I was fourteen and just discovering my sexuality. His name was Dan and he drove a motorcycle. I became infatuated with Dan, especially after he took me for rides on his Honda. I’d wrap my arms around his slender waist and rest my cheek against his shoulder while fantasizing what sex with Dan might be like. (Sadly, I never found out.)

I wrote a short story about my lust for Dan. It’s titled A Beautiful Motorcycle, and it appears in my anthology titled I’m Bi Myself. You can check it out by clicking on the book’s cover in the sidebar to the right. The story is both humorous and touching, describing an adolescent boy’s first serious crush on another guy. Dan, where are you today?

It’s a pretty evening, here on the island. I have a sweet potato roasting in the oven, and fresh steelhead salmon from Oregon in the fridge. It should be a tasty meal.

Have a nice Monday night, friends. 🙂

A pair of super-handsome guys; beautiful morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

You know how it is. You are in the supermarket or maybe walking along the beach, and you suddenly encounter a young man so handsome he steals your breath. If you’re like me, whenever it happens, I find a place to discreetly observe the guy for a little bit.

Now, have a look at Mr. My Pants are Unbuttoned to the left here. He’s got it all–great hair and skin, a lean build, and lovely facial features. He’s definitely boyfriend material in my book.

I got to bed early last night, around ten PM, after a nice dinner I cooked myself. I read for about 45 minutes, then went to sleep, and I was up this morning at 8:30, ready for the day.

I spent most of this morning writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress, and now lunchtime is drawing near. I have already solved the N.Y. Times crossword puzzle online, and once I complete this post, I will make a simple lunch for myself.

BTW, isn’t the guy to the left here a babe? He has broad shoulders and just the right of muscle on him, at least according to my taste in men. If he were my boyfriend he’d never wear a shirt at home. 😉

I don’t have much planned for this afternoon or this evening. Due to my inability to exercise, I have the grounds on my property completely groomed and my house clean from top to bottom. So, I am running out of things to do. It’s okay, I will find something to busy myself with. The weather outside is perfect–sunny, still and 75 degrees F. And I may take a long walk today, even though I am not supposed to.  😉

Have a great Monday, everyone.