Lover boys, getting intimate; another perfect day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I love photos of gay couples getting intimate. Back when I was in my late teens and early twenties, gay sex was still a taboo in most parts of the country, so I had to be very careful who I came out to, Still, I had some nice successes in the romance department, and the photo to the left here brings back memories. 😉

I spent another quiet night at home yesterday, dining on fresh steelhead trout and a sweet potato. I was in bed by ten PM with a book.

I was up at eight this morning, feeling energetic and ready for a nice day. I have already spent 2-1/2 hours writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress, and now it’s past eleven AM.

It’s another beautiful day, here on the island–sunny, still and about 75 degrees, just perfect. If I could, I would take a three-mile walk on the beach, but that sort of exercise will need my doctor’s okay when I see him next week. My knees are feeling great, so hopefully I can return to my exercise regimen, which has been disrupted since Christmas, first by the flu (2 weeks) and then by knee tendinitis, which seems to be resolved.

I have a few errands to run this afternoon–bank, framing shop, and an orchid shop where I will buy three new orchids to replace the three that have reached the end of their useful life. Have a nice Tuesday, friends.