Hanging out naked at home; it’s a guy thing ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes, when he’s home by himself and isn’t expecting visitors, a young man will shed his clothes and spend the day naked, doing things like watching TV, playing video games or running loads of laundry. It’s harmless fun, really, and kind of a sexy experience for the naked guy, and sometimes, when he starts fantasizing about sex, he’ll take matters into his own hands, so to speak. 😉

I spent a good deal of my evening yesterday talking on the phone with an old friend I had not spoken with in many weeks. Like me, he’s a retired litigator, and we always have lots to discuss. 🙂

I was in bed with a book by ten PM yesterday, and I slept until nine AM this morning. I got up and brewed coffee, then had my breakfast at my dining table, staring into my lovely patio.

It’s another gorgeous day, here on the island–sunny, still and about 78 degrees F. Of course, I still can’t exercise until my orthopedist okays it, hopefully next Tuesday, so until then I have to busy myself with somewhat sedentary activities. I bought three new orchids yesterday at a Thai orchid shop, and today I will re-pot all three orchids in a mix of pine mulch and moss. All three are blooming and they are beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, how’d you like to have our naked friend here become your boyfriend. You could keep him naked whenever he was home, and he’d probably get all excited about it. 😉

Besides my orchid project, my only other plans are to have a nice dinner out with the friend I spoke with last night. Then I will head home for an early bedtime. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.