Slender and sexy; productive day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Many gay guys like their men muscular, and I understand the appeal of beefcake. Hunks are sexy. But for my money, I’ll take a slender guy any day of the week, like the young man to the left here. He has broad shoulders and lanky limbs, with just the right amount of muscle. Yummy! Oh, and I can just about guarantee you the photo was taken in Berlin, Germany, where everyone has balconies.

It’s been a good day for me. I saw my orthopedist late this  morning, and he cleared me to return to the gym and to swim laps. He also gave me a referral to a physical therapist so I can work on improving my balance, which has been wobbly lately. I’ll end up following a series of exercises to strengthen my leg muscles. Time to get to work ….

On my way home, I stopped at Home Deport to buy a new a latch and handle assembly for my front screen door. The old handle broke recently, making coming and going difficult. Now, the installation was not easy. Is it ever? But I persevered and got the job done, which made me feel awfully good. See, I can do handy work when I have to; I just need to be patient.

Do you find the young man to the left here as appealing as I do? He’s so handsome, and I love the sultry expression on his face, as if he’s enticing you to join him on the floor for some fun. Who could say no?

I don’t have much planned for my evening. I have already prepared a casserole for my dinner, all I have to do is pop it in the over for a half hour whenever I feel hungry. I have a Netflix rental to watch, and then I will call it an early night. Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.