Naked and fast asleep; quiet day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Most boys are taught to cultivate a barrier between themselves and society, a defensive tool that protects us from having our feelings hurt, and also creates an image of impenetrable masculinity, as if to say to others, “Keep your distance. I’m not going to share anything personal with you.” But when a guy’s asleep, his defenses come down and he can look so vulnerable.

During college, I had a couple of roommates, both of them quite good looking, who liked to take naps in their birthday suits. They’d walk into our dorm room, strip down, and hit the sheets for an hour’s shuteye. Wicked little fag that I was, I always took advantage of the situation. I’d sit at my desk and soak up my roommates’ masculine beauty, and also their vulnerability. Ah, the good old days …. 😉

I was up reasonably early this morning, and after I brewed coffee and enjoyed my breakfast, I got busy writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress. I wrote for almost two hours, but some days the words come don’t come easily and today was one of those. Still, I stuck to the keyboard and ground out several pages of material. Mt two main characters, high school classmates and best friends, are just so lovable and funny, and I really enjoy writing about their trials and tribulations as they approach manhood while navigating the treacherous world of high school.

I just now finished my writing for the day, and after lunch I’ll deal with correspondence and do some light housework. I have phone calls to make and appointments to set, so I will stay busy. Tonight, a friend’s having me over for dinner and a movie, which will be nice. Have a great Tuesday, everyone. 🙂

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