Cute skateboarders; run around day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I have known many skateboarders throughout my life, neighborhood guys and friends of my sons. People misunderstand skaters, they think skaters are smelly and rude and not-too-bright, which is terribly inaccurate. Most skaters I have known are bright, respectful and practice god hygiene. And they are nice people, too.

Also, skateboarding requires a lot of practice and self-discipline if a guy wants to get good at the sport. It’s not easy to master. So, give skaters the respect they are due, okay?

It’s been a runaround day for me. I had to Uber to the garage to pick up my car after it was repaired (power steering leak). I got a haircut, visited a Greek market, and then came home. By the time I ate lunch and got everything settled at home, the time was three PM.

I won’t have time for exercise today, it’s too late and I am kind of tired. I’ll do a bit of reading after I write these words, and then I will open a beer. I don’t have a damned thing planned for this evening, just dining on a simple meal I will prepare, and watching a Netflix rental.

All right, everyone, It’s time to get busy with some light housework. Have a nice Tuesday, wherever you might be. And keep on smiling, it’s important. 🙂

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