When Daddy gets home from work ….


Hi, friends and readers:

Any mature man who’s ever had the pleasure of sharing his life with a younger man knows the joy of coming home from work and having his boyfriend waiting for him, craving that “Daddy’s home” attention he loves. And I think the video clip I am posting here tonight captures that moment perfectly. How sweet …. 😉

It’s been a good day. I got some good writing done this morning. This afternoon, I got all my papers in order to drop at my CPA’s office tomorrow, after I leave the gym. I paid bills and made necessary phone calls. Then I spent an hour on the phone, talking with a friend who was my neighbor one year when I was in law school. We were very close, and still are, and it was good to hear his voice.

Soon, I am off to the city for a nice evening with my best bud. Have good Thursday night, friends.

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