Another naked guy in nature; cold and windy night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The photo I am posting here tonight is among my favorite “naked in nature” pics of all time, and not just because the model is hot. I like everything about the shot–the sunlight reflecting off the sand, the waves, and the distant horizon. I wish I could have been there when the photo was taken. Maybe I could have gotten the model’s number. 😉

I just got home, after a fine workout at the YMCA and a visit to my CPA so she can prepare my 2019 1040. The traffic was thick in the interstate coming home from downtown St. Petersburg, but I got home safely, and now I will settle in for a nice evening. After I shower, I will open a cold beer and relax. I’ll edit what I wrote this morning for my novel-in-progress, and maybe I’ll invite my neighbor over for a drink. I have leftover pizza for dinner I will team with an avocado salad and a bottle of Napa Valley white wine. Then I’ll watch a Netflix rental, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, a movie I have not seen in 15 years,

Have a nice Friday evening, friends. 🙂

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