Sexy Dylan Dauzat; cold but sunny day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Instagram celebrity Dylan Dauzat is a complete twit in my book–no talents and a childish personality. But he’s so damned cute I can’t resist putting up photos of him I find appealing. I especially like this one to the left, which reminds me of the Cocoa Beach Pier where I used to go surfing.

I slept in late this morning, I don’t know why. But I finally dragged myself out of bed around ten and brewed coffee. I ate a hasty breakfast, then ran to the supermarket before the traffic out here got too bad.

It’s a sunny but windy day, here on the island, and the temperature’s in the high 50’s. That’s chilly to me, particularly when the wind’s blowing a steady 15 miles per hour.

I am dedicating my afternoon to housecleaning and laundering my bed linens, including my duvet cover. I have a date coming over on Monday evening, and I want everything to look sparkling and smell fresh. This will probably take about three hours, but that’s okay. It’s too cold to do anything outdoors, so I won’t mind staying inside. I’ll probably have a friend over to share a bottle of red wine, and I have a half-pound of tasty Argentine shrimp for my dinner.

Have a nice Saturday, friends. 🙂