Another sexy guy, fast asleep ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you find the guy to the left here as appealing as I do? Imagine waking up next to him in the morning. I’d just lay there and watch him breathe for a while. Then I’d wake him gently by kissing his lovely abs. Smooch, smooch …. 🙂

Well, it wasn’t a very fun day for me. I’m having some balance issues involving my inner ears, and my ENT doctor prescribed a drug I took for the first time this morning. It made me feel terribly groggy. Then I saw the ENT doc for another issue this morning. She took a biopsy from a lesion on the edge of my tongue, and it hurt. Five hours alter it’s still very sore. 🙁

Anyway, I don’t have much planned for my evening. I’m dining on black beans and yellow rice, jazzed with salsa and raw onion, a favorite dish of mine. Have a nice Friday night, friends. 🙂

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