Guys all wet; pretty night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s curious how certain guys look better when they’re wet. Here in Florida, no one’s been getting wet lately because our beaches and pools have been closed due to COVID-19. But that changes Monday. We can walk on the beach and I can visit my timeshare’s pool down the street. Oh, goody. Maybe one of the guys in tonight’s photo posts will be at the pool.

This site’s been down for a couple of days due to a technical glitch, but now my IT guy’s fixed things and I am up and running. Yeah, I am posting late, but at least I am posting. Did you miss me, guys? Well, I am back. 🙂

I just returned home from a nice little gathering at my neighbor’s home, and now I have fresh salmon baking in the oven. I’ll team it with fresh corn-on-the cob and a garden salad. It’ll be yummy, like the guy to the left. 😉

While I dine, I will watch a Netflix rental, Blazing Saddles, a ridiculous comedy made by Mel Brooks in the 1970’s. Hey, it’s entertainment. Have a nice Friday night, friends.